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Kwao Thai Restaurant

We are a family run business presenting authentic Thai food cooked from our hearts and served with care and smiles.
Kwao (kaaow) in Thai means rice so Kwao Thai means Thai rice. The most well know rice named Jasmine, a fragrant long-grain variety of rice grown in Thailand , is served here.

Rice is staple food for Thai people. Most of the time people eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it is naturally good for gluten-free diets. At a table every one has a plate of rice where at the center of the table is filled with all kinds of foods such as  curry, stir fried, soup, spicy meat salad, chili paste dipping with lots of vegetable on the side, and so on. It is a good way for sharing and trying many dishes of food.

Thai cooking is all about balancing the key flavors of saltiness usually from fish sauce (if you're vegan please ask to leave that out), sourness from mostly lime juice, sweetness from sugar. That's tasty isn't it!? For spiciness, Thai food, especially curries are known to be quite spicy but here we serve for western people so the spice/heat level would refer to a westernized palate.
If you like your food hot/spicy please mention the spice level to our server.

"the juggling of disparate elements
to create a harmonious finish"

            chef David Thompson

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